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f:Usman Ali
Gareebi se darr nahi lagta zaroorat se lagta hai...!!
I'm bored, Let's hangout & CHAT!!! I can talk about almost anything! I'm fluent in English, I speak basic Mandarin Chinese and I forgot all the Japanese I l..
They way of the world should be being nice to everyone and saying nice things i hate all this hate in the world🌎 Add me me on snapchat justim1996
hi you may know my other account i forgot my password so i had to make a new one so this is where i well be making some videos but i can make videos on the ip..
Beauty Artist
I have a bunny and a dog Gymnastics,beauty,draw,nature Musical.ly @mecousins
f:Shawn Smith Dejesus
You judge me u don't ever know try to get to know me To honestly
Sebby |-/
gotta blast🚀