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Kill my pain with torture Let me drown and watch the sun disappear Stab the light you see in me And give me back to the darkness that frightened me so much
سبحان الله بحمده..سبحان الله العظيم
tnicolle ت
Brandon r.в Meza ❁ 11.18.12 | 3.1.13 | 3.19.13 | 4.8.13 | 7.20.13 | 8.15.13
Hi! I would love to entertain you guys, just give me suggestions of what to do xD
Miranda °¬°
.........uh, yup... kik: ye.ye.
Keito Horie
Music, Drawing and Sleep
f:Madison Meyers
Gamer, boarder, drawer, musician, and a rocker.
f:Rain A Gibson
i do alot of things jus get to know me nd you will find out.
f:Aakash Joshi
PEACE LOVE JOY FREEDOM. Those who know me know me well, Those who don't can go to HELL.....;)
Nylaa M.
Hayy!👐 My name is Nylaa {Ni-Lah}. I love to laugh and have some fun😂😋! If you don't like food🍕🍗, you dont like me 😒🙅😂. That says it all. 😂😘💕